Value Added Tax (VAT) Reduction for Protective Face Masks and Visors

Dr John Caruana  -  12/May/2020

With effect as from 4th May 2020, the VAT on protective masks and visor has been reduced to 5%.  This emerges from Legal Notice 186 of 2020 and is a consequent result of the Price Order published recently setting the maximum sale price of a face mask at €0.95 per mask and that of a face shield at €5.00 per face shield. Together with this measure, the Maltese Government established the COVID-19 Masks Subsidy Scheme intending at alleviating wholesale cost-induced losses borne by pharmacies due to the introduction of the capping.

Should you have any further questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us accordingly. For any aid which you may require to apply for the COVID-19 Masks Subsidy Scheme, our professional team is happy to help you throughout the application process.

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