COVID-19 Rent Refund Scheme

Luca Caruana  -  10/September/2020

Beneficiaries of assistance under the COVID-19 wage supplement scheme may also be eligible to the Rent Refund on business premises as announced by the Government as part of the regeneration budget.

As per the official Incentive Guidelines which provide the regulatory parameters for this measure, the Scheme is available to all tenants (and not landlords) having rental agreements covering the year 2020 entered into or before 9th March 2020.

Only commercial rents can be refunded and the property must be rented from private-sector third parties specifically for the carrying out of economic activities. Rental agreements with MIP (Malta Industrial Parks) are not eligible.

Self-Employed Individuals and businesses with one outlet may claim up to €2,500, while businesses with five outlets can claim rental costs of up to €7,500 of the annual rent.

In order to apply you will be required to provide:

  • a copy of the rental agreement; and
  • a proof of the last rent payment covering at least part of 2020. This could be a receipt from the landlord showing the date covered by the payment. This receipt makes clear reference to what is covered by the payment and that the name and details of the lessor are visible. If the payment was made against an invoice it is recommended that the invoice is also provided.

If you would like us to apply for the Scheme on your behalf, please note that we are charging a minimal fee to cover the processing time involved.

Kindly note that the deadline for submission of this application is 9th October 2020 so, if interested, do contact us at your earliest convenience.

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