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Finding the right quality employees for your company when you’re starting up or expanding your business overseas can be challenging. Our preferred partners can assist you in making the process easier.

Malta is a country powered by a highly educated often multi-lingual workforce. Around 60% of Malta’s younger population continue their education to obtain university degrees and similar level qualifications.

Renowned for their strong work ethic, charismatic personalities and ambitious focus, Malta’s workforce is a strong pulling point for overseas investors looking to expand in the country. The local labour costs are also very competitive in comparison to other EU members.

KSi Malta is working in partnership with WigWam, part of the BigWig Group, which is a local recruitment specialist company geared to find the right talent to fit any role across a multitude of industries. With in-depth knowledge of the local recruiting and HR industry, Wigwam is a partner you can rely on for fast, efficient and professional service.


Leaders in their field, BigWig Headhunters bring a collective 50 years of international expertise to the table. Their ability to find the right person for specific roles, based on skills and experience is second to none.

BigWig go beyond ‘on paper’ vacancies and partner with their clients to understand the role that needs filling and what is expected from the desired team member. The BigWig team consider cultural and ethical matches as important as the talent a person brings to the firm.

Using their international and local network, they can help businesses looking to relocate or expand in Malta source local and international personnel at all senior levels. Having worked for top brands in IT, finance, legal, manufacturing and gaming, the BigWig team believe that people are what make a company successful.

The right workforce can help power any business in its efforts to achieve its ambitions for growth.


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