About Spain

Total Area505,990 km²
Population46.56 million
CurrencyEuro (EUR)

Spain is known for its history, culture, modern architecture, gastronomy, beaches, golf, football, sophisticated cities and variety of landscapes and above all the hospitality of the Spanish people. In fact, because of the amazing regional diversity, they enjoy one of the best lifestyles and quality of life in Europe. 

Spain is located on the southwestern shore of Europe and its Residency program offers the perfect geographical location for effective business activities across Europe. Additionally, it has a strong economic infrastructure, benefiting its residents with high standard lifestyle, reasonable living costs, appropriate health care and education.

Qualifying Criteria 

In order to qualify as a beneficiary, the Spanish Golden Visa Program offers a range of investment options such as: 

  • purchasing a property for least five hundred thousand euro (€500,000); or 
  • making a bank deposit of a minimum of one million euro (€1,000,000) into a Spanish bank account; or 
  • investing one million euro (€1,000,000) in shares or business; or 
  • investing two million euro (€2,000,000) in government bonds. 

While when applying outside Spain (Spanish embassy), investors shall qualify for a one-year visa, when applying in Spain, the investors shall qualify for a two-years residence permit. 

Key Advantages 

  • Travel freely in Schengen area 
  • Low property prices and profitable real estate investment 
  • Family and children of the Main Applicant can be included in one application and they will all qualify to receive residence permits 
  • No minimum stay requirements 
  • Opportunity to apply for Citizenship and a Spanish passport after 10 years

KSi Malta shall solely act as an intermediary for this Scheme. We have partnered up with reputable immigration service providers, which shall cater for all your needs in order to acquire this program.

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