Social Measures

Quarantine Leave: What am I entitled to?

Employers are entitled to a one-off lump sum of EUR 350 if they have or had a member of their staff (including themselves) on mandatory quarantine leave.

The scheme also applies for members of staff who had to quarantine themselves due to possible contact with individuals that were at risk of infection.

This measure is only applicable to full-time employees/employers.

 Parental Leave

How does it work out?

One parent from each family who is forced to stay at home as a result of school closures, and is unable to telework, will benefit from EUR 800 per month leave (for the coming two months). For this to apply:

  • Both parents need to be employed within the private sector, and
  • Both shall not be able to work from home

Medical Benefits

Persons employed in the private sector, who after 27th March, due to Covid-19:

  • are not going to work because they are ordered by the Supretend of Public Health not to leave their home,
  • are not able to work from home, and
  • are not being paid by their employer during their absence from work,

are entitled to a direct payment of EUR 166.15 per week if he/she works full-time or EUR 103.85 if he/she works part-time.


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