Malta Residency and Citizenship

The Residence Programme (TRP)

The Malta Residence Programme is aimed at EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals. It allows affluent EU/EEA nationals and their families the option to live in Malta as residents (providing they do not already have permanent residence status in Malta).

Through this programme the applicant and their family benefit from the reduced rate of 15% income tax on any income they bring into Malta.

Property Investment

To qualify for the TRP programme the applicant must own or rent a property in Malta which must be their main worldwide residence.
The minimum threshold for renting a property is €8750 (in the south of Malta or Gozo) or €9600 anywhere else.

When purchasing a property, the minimum investment threshold is €220,000 (in the south of Malta or Gozo) or €275,000 for any other location on the island. 


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